3 Reasons Why Laser Tag is a Great Party Game Idea for All Age Groups

Laser tag parties are becoming a popular option for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, corporate events, etc. in a fun and unique way. The sport is fun for all age groups, be it kids, young adults or adults because it offers interesting combat experiences in themed arenas.

There are several reasons why laser tag makes an ideal party game. If you’re still wondering what’s so special about laser tag games, then read on!

Great Entertainment

Laser tag is an exciting way to keep kids, your friends, co-workers, and employees engaged and entertained for a few hours. The game requires the participants to move and run around, navigate through obstacles, and also use techniques such as ducking, and jumping.

For kids, the game provides a lot of fun and entertainment that they usually look out for in outdoor activities. Moreover, the laser tag guns and other equipment keep them excited throughout making the party a memorable affair for everyone. For working adults, the sport offers freedom from work stress and the activities parallel body workouts that are essential for a healthy lifestyle.


This sport also comes with several developmental benefits for all levels.

  • Sportsmanship: It’s a fair competitive game in which the better team or an individual player with a better strategy wins. This promotes good sportsmanship among kids as they learn about playing fair and respecting opponents. Being a good sport will not only help them in the game but they can carry on the lessons in other aspects of their life, including school and work. On the other hand, adults can develop the sense of a healthy competition which is useful in workplaces.
  • Communication: A laser tag game requires you to communicate well with the other team members before and during the game to improve chances of winning. Even if you and some of your team members are strangers, you’ll need to communicate and coordinate for the sake of the game.
  • Team Building: Members of each team must work together towards a common goal that is, winning the game when playing laser tag. This game requires seamless coordination and cooperation between team members and teamwork is a valuable skill that is essential in daily life and at work. Laser tag, therefore, helps people of all age groups improve this skill.
  • Ice Breaking: Since the game is a team game, it’s a great way to get to know people you may not know or don’t usually interact with. This makes laser tag a good choice for any kind of parties, be it an office party or a kid’s birthday party where you get to know people, interact, relax and have fun.

Easy to Master

The game is very inclusive and easy to master. You don’t require a level of expertise or fitness to participate so no one will feel left out. A quick summary of rules and instructions, a tutorial on using laser tag equipment, and you’re all set to start playing the game.

Most laser tag facilities offer different customized packages to suit your need and budget to provide you a unique and memorable experience. You can also choose a theme that works well for you.

At DP Lazer Maze, we currently offer eight group packages to suit all your party needs. We ensure a safe and secure play in our 5,000 sq. ft arena with our trained game marshals monitoring the games at all times. If you’re still thinking why laser tag is a perfect gaming idea for any party, call us at (905) 856-1637 today!

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