3 Simple Ways to Excel in Laser Tag

Laser tag is a very popular game among people of all age groups. This high-intensity shooting game involves infrared guns and vests that are sensor-filled. The game ensures an exhilarating experience to those who participate in it owing to its realistic nature. Moreover, the game can be played to foster team spirit and cohesion in corporate organizations. In this blog post we will discuss simple ways to excel in laser tag.

  • Learn Some Good Defensive Techniques: To become a successful laser tag player you need a solid defensive strategy. When you enter into an arena you must quickly assess the layout of the place. It will help you in determining the spots that will offer good vantage points and cover.Always be on the move as the chances of getting tagged are higher if you stand in the same area for too long. If someone is taking aim at you and you realise that it would be very difficult for you to hide, try running sideways. Since you are not facing your opponent heads on, the chances of getting hit on the sensors will be lower.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes and Stay Hydrated: Wearing clothes that are comfortable is essential since the game requires you to move swiftly. You can avoid wearing light coloured clothes which makes you an easy target for your opponents.Keep yourself well hydrated before playing as the game demands a considerable amount of physical activity from the players. You do not want to exhaust yourself as a result of dehydration.
  • Develop a Winning Mentality: When taking part in a competitive sport you must cultivate in yourself a winning spirit. A positive attitude will help you excel in a high-intensity game like laser tag. Whenever you are pressing the trigger imagine you are shooting to win.Another technique you can employ while shooting is holding the gun like a machine-gun, similar to the way an action hero does in a film. Hold your gun and move sideways. Position your face in the direction of your shooting shoulder. This will make you a hard target for your opponents to tag.

Keep these simple steps in mind when playing laser tag with friends or colleagues to ensure your success. Have fun and stay safe!

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