3 Tips for How to Win at Laser Tag

What’s a great way to have fun with friends, get exercise, spark some friendly competition, and yet leave the activity unscathed?

No, not airsoft. Nor paintball. You’re guaranteed to feel some pain while playing those.

The answer is laser tag! The laser tag industry continues to grow in popularity, with an annual growth of 5.6%. The sport is becoming so popular, it is expected to outpace the popularity of bowling sometime between 2021 and 2032.

But what’s the point of even playing laser tag if you aren’t winning?

Keep reading to learn 3 tips on how to win at laser tag.

What Should I Know?

Let’s cover some basic rules of laser tag before we reveal how to win. Let’s face it, if you’re not following the rules, you’re cheating. But don’t worry, there aren’t very many rules!

  • Don’t touch other players
  • Never cover your sensors
  • Shoot only your enemies, and not your teammates

Now that you know the few rules of the sport, let’s learn how to win.

How to Win at Laser Tag

If this is your first time playing laser tag, we have to warn you might not win your first game. As with any sport or activity, there’s a learning curve, so give yourself a break. Although these 3 tips will certainly give you an edge over your opponents, be sure to always maintain a good attitude and sportsmanship, and you’re guaranteed to have fun no matter the outcome.

1. Come Prepared

Wear lightweight, dark colored clothing, athletic shoes, and bring plenty of water. This isn’t the place to flash your fluorescent green shirt, or your light-up shoes. You want to be able to blend into the darkness and avoid being spotted by an enemy.

2. Know The Bases, Targets, and Game Stations

The whole point of the game is to defeat your enemy’s base. But while it might be tempting to only attack the base, there are other areas in the arena that are worth visiting. Arena targets are targets you shoot to gain more points, and power ups in the arena can give you additional perks. These perks include firing your laser twice as often, giving you temporary shields, and even making you temporarily invisible by turning off your pack lights. These advantages will making defeating an enemy base even easier.

3. Know the Sweep Move

This move is used by tournament players for a reason. By sweeping your laser in an arc, the laser is fired in a pattern where you can tag more than one target in a single laser pulse.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to win at laser tag, get geared up and have some fun! Remember to always follow the rules, stay safe, and maintain good sportsmanship.

For more tips, rules, and even strategies to winning the game, visit our blog today.

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