4 Reasons Why Adult Laser Tag Is the Perfect Activity for Corporate Team Building

Have you ever heard of adult laser tag? 

Get your mind out of the gutter, it isn’t like that. It’s exactly what it says it is, a game of laser tag for adults. Laser tag is so much fun, and who says only kids can have fun?

If you’re in the market for a corporate team building event, this game might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, there are plenty of great reasons why a rousing evening of laser tag is a fantastic option you should consider.

Let’s look at four of them here.

1. Communication Skills

Communication is an extremely important part of the business world. Without it, it would be impossible to get anything done, especially anything that requires a team effort.

Unfortunately, communication doesn’t always come easily to everyone. Thus, a big part of corporate team building events is helping facilitate better communication among employees.

When your employees are strategizing about how to decimate the other team, they’re learning to communicate. It’s a more fun and effective way to facilitate communication than just talking about it in a boardroom over donuts and coffee.

2. Learn about Each Other

Most of your employees probably don’t know each other outside of work. People act differently in a professional environment.

Getting out and playing laser tag together gives them a chance to let their hair down and be themselves. You may find that your employees learn more about each other in one night of laser tag than in months of working together.

3. Have Fun Together

What’s the best way to ignite camaraderie and get a group of people talking and working together? Having fun! 

If you’ve never played a game of laser tag, let us assure you that everyone will have fun. And it won’t last for just the day of the event either. 

Employees will be chatting for weeks around the water cooler about events that happen during laser tag. Remember when Harry got the drop on Linda? Or what about when Candace found that lookout and decimated half the other team in one fell blow? 

4. Stress Relief

Employees are more stressed than ever at work. It’s so prevalent that some have even called stress the business world’s silent killer

What if you could reduce every employee’s level of stress in one fell swoop? Imagine what that would do for your company’s productivity levels! 

You can with a few rounds of adult laser tag. 

Exercise is known to be a great defense against stress. Laser tag gives everybody the chance to get up and moving – yet, it doesn’t require a high level of fitness, so everyone can participate.

Laughter is another good way to reduce stress and frustration. Believe us when we say you’ll be hearing plenty of that during the event!

Adult Laser Tag: Not Your Average Corporate Event

Why not try something different rather than settle for a boring, routine corporate event? Adult laser tag provides many excellent benefits that are long-lasting and will improve your work environment.

Ready to schedule a game? Contact us today to get started!