5 of the Absolute Best Indoor Kids Party Ideas for Your next Birthday Bash

With summertime over, parties are migrating indoors to avoid the chilly weather. As a parent, you might have to be creative for your kid’s next party.

The good news? There are lots of awesome indoor kids party ideas that will surprise and amaze even when it’s raining outside!

1. Balloon Sports

Sure, ball sports are a huge no-no when it comes to indoor kids parties. The solution? Balloon sports!

Be it balloon volleyball, balloon football or balloon tennis, these games pack all the fun of their ball counterparts, minus all the broken stuff. Your living room is ideal for any game of balloon sports.

The setup is extremely easy. Just have the kids blow up a number of balloons. Then, use the standard rules of each sport, substituting the balls for balloons.

You can get creative and have multiple balloons in a game, making things unpredictable and interesting.

2. The Thief

Everybody loves a game of the Thief, including kids and parents. The Thief is a great way to get a bunch of kids to wind down and relax because it requires stealthy action.

To play the Thief, make a pile of candy and assign one kid as the guard. The guard is blindfolded and can hold a rolled up magazine or newspaper as “weapon”. The other kids have to sneak in and steal the treasure without getting tagged and called “Thief” by the blindfolded guard.

The kid with the most candy at the end of the game wins. If the guard manages to tag all other players and the remaining pile is the largest, then the guard wins the game.

3. The Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth is a clever way to occupy kids throughout a party. Kids love taking pictures of themselves and their friends making silly faces!

You just need a relatively secluded location in your house, one or more smartphones with cameras (a conventional camera will also do) and you’re set. You can also provide the kids with all sorts of props and clothes to dress up in before each photo shoot.

If you don’t have a suitable space for a photo booth, just building one up with a few chairs and a white sheet will serve you just as well.

4. Treasure Hunt

Indoors treasure hunts are amazing if done right. In this game, kids will have to hunt for clues to discover a treasure inside the house.

You can cut out puzzle pieces with clues to the treasure, map fragments, or just riddles, and spread them across your house for the kids to find. To help the game along, you can designate specific rooms for specific clues, so kids don’t get sidetracked and lose interest.

5. Laser Tag

Finally, nothing beats laser tag when it comes to indoor party awesomeness. It’s fast, flashy and incredibly thrilling for kids of all ages.

The only possible downside of having to find the equipment is negated by arranging the party in a dedicated laser tag facility like our LazerMaze!

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Now that you know some of the best indoor kids party idea, it’s time to get serious about laser tag.

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