9 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Laser Maze Competition

Competitions around a Laser Maze Challenge are a creative way to build brand adherence. Holding this sort of event helps you market your center. It can be a powerful and fun to engage the community online.

With our 3 years of experience, we know what makes for a successful competition. Here are nine steps to making your event a success:

1) Pick a good date: Allow plenty of time to create awareness about the event and get the players registered. We recommend advertising the event for at least one month prior to the show to generate some buzz on it.

2) Determine the Competition rules and prizes: Before printing any signs or posting the notices online, it is important to pre-determine how the competition will run and what prizes will be given out. For example, are you planning to include Co-op play? How many finalists do you plan to have?

3) Market your event: Create signs that are both exciting and visually appealing. Hang them everywhere. Personalize the competition signs included in the welcome kit or design your own. Be sure to include all information; Competition Start Date, Final Showdown Time and Date, Prizes and Grand Prizes, Rules for Entry, Entry Fee Information, etc.

4) Get online involvement: Have an online forum made to promote the competition. Have pages made for your competition the details and rules. Reach out to all local media outlets with your message. Send out an email to your mailing list and your subscribers with a “forward” link.

5) Get your staff involved: Encourage every attendant to notify players of the event. Have them take down every interested participant’s information so that reminders can be sent. Plan promos around your event and engage your staff in the publicity affairs.

6) Set the tone one week out:

  • a) Check out for the availability of enough stock of stickers, hazes, and fog fluid available at your disposal.
  • b) Change the Laser Maze Configuration to level the playing field and keep everything fresh.
  • c) Determine price for the day of the competition and if you are planning to use wristbands or anything similar for participants.
  • d) Have a staff meeting before the event to clarify all rules and regulations before the event. Have maintenance check done. Ensure everything is working properly, and check if anything needs cleaning.

7) Get your ducks in a row on the day of the competition:

  • a) Create any new event and upload the graphics onto your leader board instantly to make it official.
  • b) Ask a member of your staff to take the pictures of the event, post in live feeds and videos of the event online as well as on your website.
  • c) Have another member of the staff host the event to keep the energy going and draw attention of the spectators.
  • d) Pass out the swag to the participants

8) After the competition: Post pictures of the winners on your website and onto the social media along with pictures of the crowd and the contestant. Remember to send a thank you email to every participant. Use this opportunity to mention all upcoming promotions or events.

9) Make it a tradition: With your competition a success, it’s time to make it an annual event. This will gain you a new fan base that you can retain with the recurrence of the event.
You will not need to rely on luck if you follow these guidelines. Let us know your experience!

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