Age Isn’t a Barrier When You’re Playing Laser Tag

Laser tag has been around for almost 40 years. In that time, thousands of people have been able to experience the excitement of a close, pulse-pounding match.

A question that comes up is, how old should you be to enjoy a match of laser tag. The truth is, if you’re between the ages of 5 to 95, then you too can enjoy can play. After all, there are several reasons why the game is so fun.

So, whether you’re a teen, a senior, or an obnoxious cartoon man-child, laser tag is the game for you!

The adrenaline rush

To play laser tag, you need patience and to think fast. Opponents can come at anytime, from any angle. That’s what makes the game to so engaging for any age group.

There’s also a variety of locals and scenarios to choose from. If you always wanted to act out your favourite action movie scenes, you can do that with a military backdrop. If you are a fan of the Resident Evil films, then act a battle against the evil AI, Red Queen. Whatever you choose, just make sure it gets your adrenaline going!

You burn calories

A big part of laser tag is mobility. As you move from corner to corner to reach objectives, you’re burning calories. Best of all, you’re doing it with friends and having fun at the same time.

Next time you’re feeling plump, book a few rounds of laser and you’ll be sweaty and lean in no time!

Corporate parties are more fun

If kids can bond and have fun playing laser tag, why can’t adults?

Corporate work parties tend to be dull, so why not spice it up with a game of laser tag? Laser tag is a favourite activity for social gatherings, and it can be a favourite amongst your colleagues as well.

The game is fun, relaxing and can be a foundation for new and stronger relationships amongst coworkers.

Laser tag doesn’t hurt

Unlike paintball, in laser tag nothing solid actually impacts you. The laser itself is just a beam of light that gets registered by the suit. Even if you lose spectacularly, you won’t go home with any marks. Compare this to paint ball, where being hit in a sensitive area can lead to a hospital visit.

Get out of your comfort zone today and experience something new. Cast off the excuse of age and rediscover your inner child. Go play some laser tag today!

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