What are the Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment?

The most crucial part of any laser tag game is the equipment. Depending on the type of equipment will determine how fun the laser tag game is. Ideal for kids and adults, laser tag brings loads of fun for any player.

1. Laser Tag Multiplayer Battle Set for 1-4 Players

If team-based action is what you’re looking for, then Laser Tag Multiplayer Battle Set is ideal for you. It’s a great game that comes with everything you need to get started just out of the box. You can unpack and start playing right away. The vests of this set will light up when hit by one of the laser guns. These guns emit a light for a fun laser tag experience.

2. Nerf Laser Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

As implied by the name, this set has two Lazer Tag Guns with a tagging system. Being battery operated, these will require some rechargeable batteries. This set is very affordable and this laser tag system works wonders with kids.

3. Laser Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System

This system has a great Heads Up Display allowing real time tactical advantage for you and your teammates. This 2 player system allows for real-time audio and visual feedback. This system is a revolutionary product in the Laser Tag field with the latest technology advancements.

4. Laser Tag Single Blaster Pack

This system comes with a single blaster which works well when grouped or paired with other systems. The best feature about this laser tag gun is its mobile App which works in sync with your Smartphone to give you a more fun experience. You can either choose to play solo or as part of a team.

5. Wowwee Light Strike Assault Striker With Simple Target

These big guns are the talk of the town. With this gun, you can customize the blaster to your needs. It also comes with various attachments for added fun. These make great gifts for kids who are laser tag fans.

The above list are the best solutions for the top Laser Tag equipment. Laser Tag happens to be a great sport for all ages. So, go out and make the best of your game. Happy tagging!

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