Sep 6

5 Great Reasons to Play Laser Tag

For years, child psychologists and HR managers alike have been studying the positive effects of working as a team. No matter what age you are, you're never too old to be reminded of how fun it can be to work together, with friends or with strangers. […]

Jul 30

3 Tips for How to Win at Laser Tag

What's a great way to have fun with friends, get exercise, spark some friendly competition, and yet leave the activity unscathed? No, not airsoft. Nor paintball. You're guaranteed to feel some pain while playing those. The answer is laser tag! […]

May 2

3 Simple Ways to Excel in Laser Tag

Laser tag is a very popular game among people of all age groups. This high-intensity shooting game involves infrared guns and vests that are sensor-filled. The game ensures an exhilarating experience to those who participate in it owing to its realis […]

Apr 25

Tips to Organize a Laser Tag Birthday Party

Laser tag is an exciting and fun-filled game which can be played both by young and old. The dynamics of the game is bound to enthral all those who take part in it. Laser tag birthday parties are very popular because they ensure that kids will have a […]

Mar 22

4 Reasons Why Laser Tag Is Ideal for Your Children

In this age of technology, children are more inclined towards playing games on their computer or iPad than spending time playing outdoor sports. To improve their gaming experience, you as a parent can encourage them to play laser tag instead. Lase […]

Mar 16

Top 4 Laser Tag Sets for Kids

Laser tag is an exhilarating game that can add a whole new avenue of fun to your child’s playtime. What makes laser tag an exciting game for kids are its real-life elements. Additionally, the game encourages team spirit and cohesion, as it is essenti […]

Feb 23

Playing Laser Tag to Foster Corporate Team Building

A group of people working towards the same goal is an essential factor for any successful venture. If you wish to thrive in a global environment, you need to have a highly-motivated team of individuals. A game of laser tag can be very beneficial for […]