The Different Types of Laser Tag Games You Can Play

Laser tag is a game loved by people of all ages alike. Guns which fire infrared beams and infrared sensitive targets are used to make this game feel like a sci-fi adventure movie. Unlike paintball, it offers an exciting, simulated combat experience with safer equipment.

This game offers versatility as you can play more than 40 different game formats as per the size of your team. Apart from the standard team and solo matches, there are several specialty matches that are both intense and engaging.

If you’re new to laser tag, then here are some popular laser tag game types that are worth playing with your friends.

  • Capture the Flag

In this game type, the players are divided into two teams and each team has a ‘flag’. Each team seeks to capture the flag of the opposing team and take it to their base for getting a point, hence the name. But, there’s a condition. The players can capture opposition’s flag only if their base has their own flag in it. This game type varies in many laser tag venues according to the type of equipment and technology used. Some venues slightly change the game by assigning an in-field target to act as flag while others assign each team a King to protect. If one team’s King is tagged, then the other team wins.

  • Base Flags

Base Flags is another team-based game type where each team tries to tag opponent’s base. The game starts when the players start at their base and get one life. After getting energized the players try to tag other team’s base to score a point without getting tagged. If they are tagged, then they need to return to their base to get re-energized. Multiple rounds can be played for a fun-filled laser tag experience.

  • Dead Aim

Dead Aim is a thrilling game where the players of both the teams get limited ammunition to defeat the opposite team by tagging the players. If a player misses a shot it is counted as lost whereas if an opponent is hit, then the player gets a bonus shot. This game format is intriguing and tactical as the players struggle to make every shot count.

  • Elimination

Elimination, as the name suggests, focuses on eliminating the members of the opposite team by tagging them. In this game type, each player gets a specific number of lives. If a player gets tagged, then he/she loses one life. Therefore, with multiple lives, the player can be tagged several times before they are officially eliminated from the game. Once a player loses all the lives, he/she has to step aside while the remaining players carry on the game. When all the players of a team get tagged, then that team loses.

There are various formats that can be played in laser tag. Each format is unique in its own way. You can contact your nearest laser tag arena and find a suitable game for your next party or get-together.

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