The Evolution of Laser Tag

The history of laser tag can be traced back to 1979, with the launch of the Star Trek Electronic Phaser toy from South Bend Electronics. This little toy then inspired what was to become modern laser tag. In wasn’t until five years later in 1984 that the first game of laser tag was officially played.

It’s changed and evolved a great deal since then. What was seen as a game for kids, is now recognized as an engaging activity for all ages. But, laser tag isn’t remaining static. The game continues to change and evolve.

Let’s discuss how laser tag has evolved over the years.

  • Technological Advancement

Gone are the days when laser tag equipment was heavy, bulky and cumbersome to carry. The suits of old included heavy helmets and battery belt packs that made the game very challenging. With technological advancement, the heavy suits were replaced with slim and stylish vests. These modern vests are much lighter in weight and have many interactive features as well.

Other important additions to the game are LED lights in the vests, greater information display, vibrations indicating where you have been tagged, longer-running batteries and the customization of games.

With the introduction of the ‘SuperSuit’, people can now play their favourite laser tag game at home. The wearable harness allows you to play in your garden or backyard.

  • Inspiration and Immersion

Today’s laser tag player is more tech-savvy and wants extra features to enhance his/her gaming experience. They are getting inspired by the heroes and villains of action-packed superhero and sci-fi movies. This has led to an interest in role-playing during the game.

The customers want more add-ons and realism from their games. As a result, the game has evolved and added headsets like Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR for a more immersive experience.

  • Environment and Décor of the Arena

The generation of people playing laser tag has grown up with Xbox and PlayStation. They want sophisticated props and the latest technology incorporated into their games. Due to this demand for greater interactivity, the environment and décor of laser tag arenas have become richer.

The environment of laser tag arenas are now designed to make you experience your surroundings. Nowadays, laser tag facilities also include a lounge for some pre-entertainment fun and private party rooms for private events.

Over the years, laser tag has evolved to meet customer expectations. It has come a long way from the standard team or solo matches that used to be popular. Now, other games such as capture the flag, highlander, etc. are popular. With the number of innovations and the increase in demand, laser tag continues to change and evolve into greater levels of immersion.

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