Get More Laser Beam for Your Buck! How to Maximize Your Laser Tag Experience for Groups

Did you know that Laser Tag has its origins in Star Trek? The game was first played in 1979 when Milton Bradley brought out their Electronic Phaser Guns. Since then, laser tag has grown into a global event including International Tournaments.

The game is still popular because it’s a great way to get a group of people together and have some fun. If you’re planning a group event, for a celebration or team building event, here’s how to get the most out of it.

Top Laser Tag Tips

With group laser tag, you’re usually looking at people who have different abilities and experience levels. Here’s how to make sure that everyone has fun and a chance at victory!

Find a Great Location

You can find your local venues by searching for, ‘laser tag Toronto’ or ‘indoor laser tag Toronto’. Every venue has unique pros and cons, so it’s worth asking friends for their experiences. If you don’t have any luck that way, ask on local forums.

Share the Dress Code

Your combatants need to be dressed in comfortable, loose clothing so they can move without restriction. Ladies and gents alike should wear flat shoes, preferably sneakers to help them move around like ninjas.

Many laser tag rooms make use of blacklights for decoration. Wearing white or light colors will make you a target. Share that information, or not, as you see fit.

Limit Terrain for Smaller Groups

Laser tag arenas can be big spaces, and if you’re a smaller group it can feel hard to find the other players. If that’s the case, consider restricting play to a smaller part of the playing area. 

People will Respond Differently

There are some people who take laser tag very seriously. They’ll sell you out in a heartbeat for the high score. Others simply won’t care, they’ll just want to have fun. For others, the experience might be stressful or even scary. Don’t be surprised if you see a new side to your family or colleagues!

Turn Cellphones Off

There you are, crouched in position and about to get the kill shot on that annoying guy from accounts. Then your cellphone rings, alerting him to your position and seconds later, you’re shot. Don’t be that guy.

Turn your cellphone off or at least lower the volume.

Think About Teams

Whether you’re putting together a troop of cousins or colleagues, thinking about who plays with who is a big part of making laser tag successful. You might want to give it some thought ahead of time, and put together teams that need help bonding.

Alternatively, your venue might be happy to assign people to random teams. That lets you off the hook and gives an element of chaos that could be fun.

Set the Tone

Laser Tag is a fun experience, and as the group organizer, it’s your job to set the tone. Lighten up, crack jokes and don’t get competitive and all should be well!

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