Your Laser Tag Fashion Can Help You Win or Make You Lose

The whole point of a game of laser tag is to score a hit on your opponent’s sensors. Doing so is trickier than it seems at first, especially when you’re trying to prevent the opponent from doing the same to you. There are several tactics which can help you achieve your goal, but something to focus on is how you’re dressed.

If you’re new to the game then you’ll need every advantage you can get. So, follow the tips below to better your laser tag fashion.

  • Always wear dark colours

The laser tag arena is usually very dark, so the laser beams can stand out. This is an obvious but powerful reason to wear dark clothes. Another reason is that black lights are often used to illuminate the different zones. Black lights don’t affect dark clothes, but light coloured clothes will glow and make you a target.

Your pants and shoes may also shine if they’re light-coloured. Therefore, it’s best to avoid light colours completely. Neutral colours or camouflage prints are good secondary options if you don’t have black clothes.

  • Wear light-weight materials

Colours are not the only thing to be careful about when choosing your outfit for a game. Laser tag requires a lot of activity and involves quick reaction and movement. The material and fit of your clothes also make a huge difference. Try to wear light-weight materials which allow you to crouch, duck and run. Pick a shirt which is loose so you don’t become too hot. It must also allow you to wield your equipment without difficulty.

You’ll also need to be able to have a full range of leg movement. Wearing jeans or any other tight material will limit your agility significantly. Shoes must also be comfortable so you can make an easy getaway when required. Hiking boots can be worn for outdoor matches which may have rough terrain. For girls, wearing heels can be a big problem. Sneakers should be worn to avoid any issues.

  • Keep your hair pulled back or tied up

Your hair must be pulled back into a bun or a ponytail. This will keep your neck cool as you’re moving through either an outdoor or an indoor area. Care must be taken so your hair doesn’t get caught in the equipment. Also, for people with light coloured hair, it’s best to wear a cap in order to move around undetected.

Laser tag is a very fun game. The only thing more fun is winning a game of laser tag. Because of all the running, crouching and chasing, laser tag can be considered a sport. Like a sport, the right attire should be worn if you want to win. So, get dressed and get out there!

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