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No More Boring Workouts: 5 Reasons Laser Tag is One of the Top Fun Ways to Exercise

Laser tag was born from the 1977 movie Star Wars and a man with a dream. Fast-forward to today and laser tag has become a huge boon for adults and businesses. Co-workers love laser tag, but did you know fitness gurus do too?

It’s the perfect way to break up the monotony of gym routines. If you feel like you have tunnel vision on the treadmill circuit, try playing some laser tag. There are fun ways to exercise that don’t involve loading up an app.

Ready? Aim. Fire! Here are five reasons to play for exercise.

Top 5 Fun Ways to Exercise with Laser Tag 

We know that adult laser tag is the ultimate corporate team-builder. The same factors that make it fun and challenging apply to exercise.

1. Flexibility Challenge

If you’ve never played laser tag before, know that it is not standing, aiming, and firing. The commercials showing kids standing in open hallways firing shots are a bad example. What you’re doing a lot of is ducking, leaning, and shooting around corners.

As you play, your agility will improve along with your flexibility. This makes you lighter on your feet and harder to detect by your opponents.

2. Getting More Coordinated

To play well at laser tag, you have to have great hand-eye coordination. You need to move your feet, change directions, without looking down. This helps you improve your balance a lot. 

You’ll notice these improvements in the gym when you’re doing any cardio workouts.

3. Going Longer

The more laser tag you play, the better your stamina. You’ll learn how to pace yourself and keep focused the entire time. In solo play, you have to stay cool and learn how to outlast your opponents. 

You have to do this by moving all the time, making them tired of chasing you around. 

4. Burning Calories

The longer your matches are, the more calories you’ll burn. Eight minutes of running around can net you 200 calories burned. As an unexpected bonus, some laser tag rooms get warm inside.

You’ll burn even more calories as you run around, but remember to stay hydrated.

5. Strength Training

Sometimes the laser tag guns are pretty heavy. Even when they’re not, you’re still doing a lot of squats, climbing, and jumping. Players often try to jump around to make it harder to score a hit.

It’s not uncommon for your muscles to ache after a long game of tag with obstacles. Moving the laser pistol around everywhere is like pumping light dumbells for a long time.

Get Ready to Get Tagged! 

There are plenty of fun ways to exercise and play laser tag with friends and colleagues. It’s really easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. Its simple nature makes will catch you off-guard, especially if you’re out of shape. 

This is what makes laser tag the secret weapon for fitness gurus. Goodbye Cross Fit and hello Laser Fit!

Start playing laser tag now by learning how to play in our beginners’ guide.