Every laser tag facility has vests and lasers, so what makes Lazer Maze different?
Each laser tag battle suit can alternate through the entire colour spectrum. Depending on your skill level your vest will light up red, green, yellow, blue and cyan ranging from novice to advanced. During a team game the number of team colors automatically adjust to the number of teams playing (e.g. three teams use three colours, five teams use five colors).

Our Guns & Vests have the following Unique Features

Safety is our number one priority, our equipment provides one of the safest laser tag games around. The plastic casing on our vests that cover the circuit boards are encased in a ribbed 3-mm injection-moulded polycarbonate. The gun’s have a soft rubber noses and heat detectors on the foregrip to make sure players use two hands while playing. One-handed guns are dangerous as it allows the gun to be outstretched and allowing players with a free hand to grab an opponent’s equipment.


With limited ammunition you must make every shot count as if it were the last. Each player starts with a limited number of shots. Any shot that misses is a lost. However if an opponent is hit bonus shots are gained.


Players battle it out against their opponents. Collect as many power-ups as possible to increase battle strength!


Players are “Immortals”, struggling to eliminate all opponents and claim “The Prize” as the last player remaining. Players have unlimited shots and missiles. At the start of the mission, both shots and missiles fire very slowly. As the mission progresses the shot and missile speed increases.

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