Safety First: Find Out Why Laser Tag is Safer for Your Child

Children are always up for fun. Whether it’s a birthday party or an outing, they’re always looking out for fun games and sports. Apart from outdoor theme parks in the summer, laser tag and indoor trampoline parks offer fun all year round.

As a parent, celebrating your child’s birthday is very special. You do your best to make your child and his/her friends enjoy to the fullest. Trampoline parks are quite popular venues for throwing birthday parties for children. But before you choose this venue to host your child’s party, have you thought of how safe it is?

Trampoline Parks are Dangerous!

In Canada, you have a lot of choices for hosting children’s birthday parties. Although trampoline parks are popular, they’re potentially dangerous for children. Indoor trampoline parks have safety rules and a lot of volunteers who keep watch of everyone’s movements. This is because there are a lot of risks involved with all the jumping and bouncing.

Inside these trampoline parks, there is a network of trampolines in a grid. In between those trampolines, there are non-bouncy padded metal parts. If children jump and land awkwardly on these metal parts, they could end up hurting themselves.

Canadian and American pediatricians and sports doctors have verified that trampolines are really dangerous. In Canada alone, some 4,247 cases of trampoline injuries have been reported in the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP). Children aged 6 to 17 years are the most prone to injuries at trampoline parks. The injuries vary from bruises, abrasions, and sprains to fractures and dislocated joints. There have also been extreme cases of spinal cord injuries, neck fractures, paralysis and injuries that require surgery.

Most often, injuries occur due to failed landings which can happen because of several reasons. Serious types of injuries occur when there is a failed landing after somersaults and tricks. Children often try to do these things just for fun and end up with a serious injury. Another common reason for injury is when more than one person jumps on the trampoline at the same time. Then injuries occur due to direct collisions between kids. Some of these dangers can’t be avoided even with supervision.

Is Laser Tag Safe?

A laser tag game can be a great alternative to trampoline parks. Plus, it’s a lot safer for children. Laser tag is a fun-filled game that is played with wearing vests with sensors and laser guns (that emit infrared light). Physical contact isn’t allowed in the game. It involves running, hiding, fast movements and shooting – everything that children would love. There are minimal chances of injuries.

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