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The Perfect Gift: 5 Laser Tag Sets To Buy As A Present For Your Children

Footballs, video games, …socks? Thinking of the perfect gift for your kid can be a surprising challenge. What do kids these days like anyway?

Why not try something new and offer them an experience this birthday or holiday season?

A laser tag set is the ideal gift to get your kid excited, off the couch, and sure to remember your present for years to come. So skip the cliche this year and check out these 5 laser tag sets your child is sure to love.

A Laser Tag Set: 5 That Make Great Gifts

When it comes to laser tag sets, there are many to choose from so don’t rush out and buy the first one you find on Amazon. It’s good to take a few things into consideration before making a purchase.

For example, is your child a beginning laser tagger? How often do you anticipate them going and putting the set to use? Does your child already own vests or other pieces of laser gear? 

Answering all these questions before making your selection will help make sure you get the best set for your needs and your money.

1. KidzLane

This is a great set of 4 guns is a great starter set for kids. It comes with the option of choosing a format, submachine gun, rocket, pistol or shotgun. Each shot setting comes with corresponding shooting audio.

The KidzLane set can be used for indoor or outdoor fun. 

It does not come with vests, so kids will have to aim for opponent’s guns. However, this set is on the cheaper side as far as sets go–another perk.

2. LaserX

If your child is no novice they may only be in need of one or two new laser guns. In this case, the LaserX is a good option.

This gun works with any other equipment of the same brand so no need to worry about buying an entirely new set if you already own LaserX gear. It also boasts a 400-foot range.

3. Nerf LTX

This set is sure to be found on many must-have lists. This set can be found in 2 guns sets but can be mixed and matched with other Nerf Official sets for play with up to 5 or more people.

The sound effects are amazing and this outdoor/indoor set is also on the less-expensive end.

4. Armo Gear

Plainly stated, this set is bomb. It comes with four guns, four vests, and a legit look to help your kid play the part. 

It comes with invisibility mode, voice-guided directions, night vision and tons more. No doubt, your kid’s going to be impressed.

5. Light Strike

This set comes with two guns and two vests. This one you’ll definitely want to play in the dark as the visual effects with lights and sounds are amazing. 

This set is on the pricier side, but you get what you’re paying for with advanced durability and features. 

Got the Gift? Time to Play!

With a laser tag set, your kid will be loving life. So why stop there? Make this birthday or holiday even more memorable by setting them up to try out their new set on an awesome course.

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