Tips to Make the Perfect Laser Tag Briefing

In any laser tag game, the pre-game briefing is critical. It is an essential legal precaution by the operators. This briefing sets the expectations of participants, sets the tone and provides the first impression newbies have of the sport.

During a briefing, the players assemble in the briefing room where they are informed of the rules and safety information. However, a poorly executed briefing may result in players not absorbing crucial information which can lead to problems later on. For today’s post, we’ll discuss the best way to make your briefing engaging to players and so an ideal laser tag experience can be created for all.

  • Welcoming the players

The first thing staff members should do once the players are ready, gather them in a room and go over the basics of the game. At some locations, operators allow the game marshals to just show a video without doing a proper introduction. However, this can be a mistake. Briefings help guests recognize the marshals as the go-to person for safety or any other assistance. This also provides an occasion for the game marshal to the tell the backstory of the attraction.

Believe it or not, a laser tag attraction is backstory-driven. Whether it’s an urban battleground or outer space, there’s always a backstory to the setting. This explains to the guests how and why they’re leaving a fun-filled environment and shifting into an urban battleground. Otherwise, the transition may seem off to some. Once the backstory is told, the stage is set to play the briefing video.

  • The video briefing

Video briefs are great additions to the briefing experience, though they must never replace a game marshal. The primary function of a video briefing is to explain how to operate the equipment and safety rules to be followed.

This also provides protection to your organization from liability if any guests get injured because he/she broke the rules. If your business is involved in a lawsuit, the video can be used as an important part of its defence. Just remember that it’s imperative that your game marshals repeat the rules while monitoring the arena as the game progresses.

  • A personalized experience

Your game marshals can be given the latitude to make the gaming experience more fun by personalizing it. No one would want to deal with a boring marshal, going over the same things over and over again.

They should also have the creative freedom to exercise their experience and ideas so as to make it more fun for the participants. It could be anything from calling out birthday guests to assist with demonstrations or performing a rap about laser tag. The game marshal should have the ability to read the audience and cater the briefing accordingly. For instance, communicating with adults won’t be similar to communicating with a group of pre-teens. A generalized briefing method will not work for two different age groups.

The laser tag briefing is an integral part of the complete laser tag experience. Never rush through it, or overlook minute details. Hope these tips together with your creativity, help you come up with an effective briefing.

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