Top 4 Laser Tag Sets for Kids

Laser tag is an exhilarating game that can add a whole new avenue of fun to your child’s playtime. What makes laser tag an exciting game for kids are its real-life elements. Additionally, the game encourages team spirit and cohesion, as it is essentially a team sport. Laser tag equipment has evolved a lot over the years to suit the needs of the players. In this blog post, we will discuss the top five laser tag equipment for kids to use.

  • Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: This laser tag infrared set allows you to have four different teams or allies. This set comes with a wide variety of shooting equipment including a submachine gun, pistol, shotgun and rocket. Kids can choose between the different types of guns while playing. Each gun has its own life bar, available shots and also has realistic shooting sounds. Kidzlane Infrared has a child safety mode which makes it a certified toy for kids of all ages. This user-friendly laser tag gaming equipment will enable kids to arrange thrilling battles with their friends. It can be used at birthday parties, get-togethers and outdoors as well.
  • Laser X Two Player Gaming Set: Laser X allows two players to play at once. This laser gaming set has exclusive features like full-colour light effects which allow kids to track their hits and shots. The gaming set also comes with an interactive voice coach that gives players valuable insight during the game. Players can enjoy the different sound effects of the game by plugging in their headphones. Laser X provides an incomparable, real-life gaming experience to children which they can use both indoors and outdoors.
  • MOD Kids Laser Tag Set: This laser tag set is comprised of four blasters which enable players to team up with friends and build alliances with the help of the multiplayer mode. The game settings can be customized to give kids a unique experience each time. The blasters come with an infrared receiver so there is no need for a player to wear a vest. The maximum striking range for each blaster is 130 ft. MOD Kid’s laser is a certified laser tag toy and it also meets the ASTM F963-16 safety standards.
  • Force1 Laser Tag Gun Gaming Set: Force 1 Laser tag comes with dark coloured guns which help players to conceal their position. This laser tag set also comes with a set of four gaming modes including machine gun, shotgun, pistol and rocket mode. The weapons need to be reloaded each time a player goes into battle. Force 1 is very popular among people of all age-groups.

Laser tag has become one of the most popular games among people of all age groups, especially kids. It builds a sense of unity and friendly competition, both of which are valuable lessons.

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