Top 6 Game Modes In Laser Tag

There are many game modes when it comes to laser tag, we have outlined some of the available laser tag game modes below:

Laser Game Modes

          1. Supercharge: In this game, a player has to be supercharged to deactivate the headquarters of the opposing team. To get supercharged, a player will have to tag 5 opponents in a row without getting tagged. Then the player is eligible for a 3-shot rapid burst shooting. He/she will then be able to shoot at the opposing team’s headquarters and deactivate it.

          2. Eliminator: When playing the eliminator, the goal is to eliminate all the other players in the game. This game starts with all players having a limited number of lives. Every time you are shot, you will have to return to the energizer, with one life lost. When you are out of lives, you will be eliminated from the game. If you tag an opponent, you will gain a life.

         3. Solo: When playing a solo game, every player has to defend themselves from the players. There are no teams and it does not matter what color vest you have. You can shoot and tag anyone.. This laser tag game mode is ideal for small team of players.

        4. Stun: For the stun game, a player will have unlimited lives. The game can get quite hectic as players do not need to defend themselves from getting tagged and perform more wild techniques to shoot others.

        5. Battlefield: The battlefield game introduces mines and more advanced equipment. The mines will detonate at certain time intervals or randomly. A warning is issued to players about the detonation ahead of time. After the warning, the mines will shoot in all directions.

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