What’s the Best Strategy to Win a Game of Laser Tag?

Playing a game of laser tag is a fun experience. It’s an intense team game that requires a solid strategy to win. Here’s a comprehensive guide to effective strategies that can help you win big in the next game of laser tag you and your team participates in.

  • Spread Out Your Team

Before the game starts, spread out your team members so that they can cover a wider area. This will help in getting a better view of the opposing team from different angles and makes it easier to target them. Your team members can tag multiple opponents at a time, especially when opposing team members struggle hiding against obstacles or walls.

  • Plan Gun Reloading Time

It’s one of the crucial things that you must discuss with your team members before the game starts. Make it clear that when two members are covering the same area, for example, the corridor, both shouldn’t reload their laser guns at the same time. Depending on the gun type provided by the laser tag facility, a laser tag gun can take 3-5 seconds to reload. If you both reload at the same time and run out of ammo, and an opponent shows up suddenly, you’ll lose a chance to tag him/her. In such a case, an opposing team member can tag both of you.

Having a proper reloading strategy can help you overcome these situations in the game. When you run out of ammo, the other person should take charge to cover you while your gun reloads and vice versa.

  • Hide Your Sensors

Limit the exposure of your sensors and minimize your body profile as much as you can. Since you can’t cover the sensors with your hands, take cover against a wall and expose only enough to shoot. When you move around, be fast and crouch over to make your body profile smaller. Also, consider walking sideways, kneeling, ducking, spinning and hopping. This saves you from getting tagged easily. Don’t stand in one position without limiting exposure for a long time.

  • Aim True

If possible, get used to how the laser gun works before the game starts. First timers find it difficult to aim their laser guns correctly. When targeting your opponent, notice the lights on their gear/sensor suit. If you hit it right, the light will flicker. Adjust your aim accordingly until you hit the right spot. Remember, it’s very important to be fast with the trigger and hit the target accurately if you want to win.

  • Play as a Team

When you’re playing a team game, you must have proper coordination and communication with your team members. Stick to the team goal, fire when needed, call for cover, warn team members of enemy movements and call out when you’re moving. Follow the instructions of your team leader and focus on how you can contribute to the team’s performance.

Note these points when you’re making your strategy for your next game of laser tag. Ask your team to remain patient because often when the game drags, participants become restless and make the wrong choices too easily. Keep calm, take advantage of the opposing team’s mistakes, save yourselves from getting hit and emerge as the winner!

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