ultimate laser tag

Ultimate Laser Tag: 4 Essential Tips for Winning at Laser Tag

So you’ve signed up for a day of laser tag, but you haven’t played in a while or perhaps it’s your first time. With little to no experience, winning at the game could be more challenging than you think.

There’s more to winning a game of laser tag than wearing dark clothing and staying hidden.

For the ultimate laser tag experience, you’ll need to know some essential tips for winning the game! Continue reading below for our 4 ultimate tips for playing an ultimate game!

1. Always Shoot

Unless there’s a limit on ammo, always shoot your laser gun. Hit your targets as many times as possible. If you miss, keep shooting at them until you make a solid shot. 

Throughout the entire game, fire shots in the direction of your opponents, their sensors, and their side of the area. Doing so will rack up your points for each time you make a hit and will work as a defense mechanism when trying to travel from one side to the other. 

2. Take Advantage of Rest Times

An excellent way to bring your name to the top of the scoreboard is to hit the other team’s headquarters. The headquarters is the main sensor on each team’s territory that hangs from the ceiling. It’s located at the very back of each team’s territory. 

The only way to hit the headquarters is by standing directly under it on the other team’s side. This is where taking advantage of rest times comes in. It could be quite a challenge to get into this zone without getting shot at multiple times. 

When a player shoots you, you go into rest time. You won’t be able to get hit until the rest time is over. During your rest times, make your way to their headquarters as quickly as possible. It’s okay if you’re shot a couple of times.

Once you hit the headquarters, your score will jump!

3. Stay Defensive

Always be on the defense. The best way to defend yourself during a game of laser tag is by staying as low as possible at all times. Use the shields in the arena to block yourself as needed.

Never block your sensors with your hands as this is considered cheating, and if you’re caught, a marshall will either remove you from the game or lower your hit score. Instead, use what’s around you and try not to stand up too much.

4. Work Together 

If you want your team as a whole to win the game, then you’ll need to work together. Sticking with the team opens up more opportunities for you to win the game. The more people you have working with you, the better.

If you’re shot, call on your teammates to take down the shooter. Have designated security standing around your own headquarters to protect it from being hit by your opponents. Keeping the competition’s score down helps keep yours higher. 

The Ultimate Laser Tag Game Starts Now!

Stay shooting, take advantage of rest times, defend yourself, and work together to rank on top. Follow these helpful tips above and you’re sure to go home with a win in an ultimate laser tag game. 

Now that you know how to own the laser tag arena, it’s time to book your game!