Rules and Guidelines for Playing Laser Tag Matches

Laser tag matches are a great way to let loose with your friends after a hectic week. The uniqueness of these matches is that they can be played by any age group, from a child to a senior, everyone can have fun. And, as they are played in groups, it’s the best way to keep up the tempo amongst friends and family. In fact, if it’s your child’s birthday party or any other kind of get-together, you can play laser tag matches to break to add excitement to the party.

In order to unwind with laser tag matches, you need to have a proper understanding of the rules that should be followed for a fun session. So, get ready and read on to learn about the rules one should adhere to when it comes to laser tag matches:

  • Don’t touch anybody

It’s not a rugby game that requires you to apply your full force to win. This is one of the major rules of the game that should be followed. No hitting any person, be it your teammate or your opponent, is allowed. Body contact is absolutely out of the question. You also can’t use any equipment to hit anyone in the match to save yourself from getting disqualified.

  • Never cover your sensors

Play this game like a true sportsman. You are absolutely not allowed to hide your sensors to save yourself from your enemy. Your sensors should always be exposed during the course of the match. Play it like a boss and not like a mouse!

  • Tackle equipment failure in a reasonable manner

Say you have to fix a glitch in case it occurs in the middle of the match. Now, if the failure is small like a piece of equipment is not functioning properly then it can be instantly replaced. But, in cases of major malfunctions, you can ask the referee to pause the game to fix the problem and then get started again. Be prompt in handling a crisis.

  • Fix the rules for the area

Laser tag matches are played in a specific area be it in someone’s home or any laser tag arena. That means you need to set rules for the area which can vary depending on the place. For instance, if your home is the battleground then you’re allowed to use a pillow as your shield.

  • Shoot your enemy and not your friend

When you’re playing a laser tag game you should play it seriously. Although it’s a fun game and a time-out with your friends, you’re still not allowed to fool around during the game and shoot your teammate. You should strictly stick to shooting your enemies and no one else to play it successfully. Some laser tag sets don’t permit friendly fire, so, you can do away with this rule!

Follow the above-mentioned rules, prepare the laser tag equipment, decide on the type of laser game and get ready to start the match. Do a shout out to all your laser tag partners and have a great time!

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