laser tag party

3 Themes For Your Laser Tag Party

Are you planning a laser tag party, but want it to be special?

We’re here to offer you some inspiration. There’s no need to pull out all the stops – or all the money in your wallet – to create a memorable party.

All you need is the right concept.

Simple Themes for a Great Laser Tag Party

With the following ideas, you don’t need to run out and buy a lot of chintzy party favors. And you’ll still have a great time.

1. Sports 

If there’s a big game the same weekend as your party, why not partake in a little friendly competition yourself? Break up into teams and try to steal each other’s mascots. 

You’ll need two mascots – such as stuffed toys – and at least four players. The objects are placed at opposite ends of the playing field and should not be within view of the opposing team.

Once each team has set up their object, they make a loud sound to indicate the beginning of play.  

During the battle, the captured object can be passed from player to player. But if a player is tagged out while in possession of the object, he or she must return it to its place of origin. 

The first team to capture the opposing team’s object and safely return it to their team’s base wins. OR, the first team to eliminate all the players on the other team wins. 

2. Survivor

This one is based on the reality TV series Survivor and you could spruce it up with some tropical flair – grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, inflatable palm trees.

For this game, it’s great if you have a lot of people. You’ll need at least six players, but it’s better with 16. 

Players separate into two teams of equal numbers. To identify which team you’re on, you place colored tape around your arms. The game begins when players turn on their sensors and the teams head off in different directions to establish their base positions. 

During play, you attempt to tag out the opposing team’s players. 

Just like on the TV show, forming alliances with members of the other team is allowed and encouraged. This is part of the game and, if played well, could impact your chances of survival.

Once half the players have been eliminated, the teams combine and it becomes anyone’s game. If you’re still in the game, you’re on your own. 

The winner is the player who is the sole survivor once all the other players have been tagged out. 

3. Glow in the Dark

If you’re more interested in just a standard laser tag game, but want to juice it up, try a glow in the dark theme.

Hire a face painter who will pretty up your guests with glow in the dark paints. Buy glow in the dark beads, nail polish, hats or other attire that your guests can choose to add to their ensembles. There are even glow in the dark temporary tattoos!

Then get into a rousing game of laser tag all decked out in wild glowing colors. It definitely brings the game to a whole new level.

Finally, after the game is over, offer up a glow in the dark dessert bar for treats and rewards for the players.

Ready to Play?

With the right theme in place, your laser tag party could be legendary! Just be sure to bring your A-game. 

And if you’re still unsure about ideas, feel free to contact us. We can help. Then once you have an idea in place, you can even book your party online