Celebrating Laser Tag Birthday Parties at DP Lazer Maze

Whether it’s your child’s or your birthday, eventually, you may run out of ideas for hosting an amazing birthday bash. After all, birthdays are always special and you put in a lot of thought to make it memorable.

There are several ideas to make your birthday party an exciting event for everyone. Hosting a laser tag birthday party is one such idea for people of all age groups.

A Laser Tag Game is Fun!

Laser Tag is a game that involves two teams and demands active participation from all participants. It’s all about building teamwork and having fun together by defeating the opposing team. This competitive shooting game comes with a similar spirit as that of a video game but is much more interactive. Each player wears a sensor vest and headband and carries a laser tag gun with which to shoot the opponent’s sensors. There are different modes of playing a laser tag game, the most popular being the free-for-all mode (where individuals compete with each other) and structured teams mode.

The game keeps its participants busy with quick thinking, reflex actions, building team strategy and fellowship. It’s an out and out fun game that’s also very safe.

Laser Tag Birthday Parties at DP Lazer Maze

There are many reasons to love hosting a birthday party at our laser tag facility. Our laser tag arena extends over an area of 5,000 sq. ft. The laser tag game at DP Lazer Maze is jungle themed to provide you an adventurous experience! Our guns and vests are also unique and have the following features –

  • The colour of the suits can alter depending on your skill level.
  • There’s a lock-on tone when you have a set target.
  • Two unique sounds let you know if you’ve hit or missed your laser tag shot.

Our laser tag matches also comes with speakers and real-time verbal advice during the game to boost your performance. Apart from several music choices available, our facility also lets you customize the music. Each of our games – Dead Aim, Death Match, Highlander, and Capture the Flag – is interesting meaning that all your family friends will enjoy the game.

We place heavy importance on safety. For each game, we have trained game Marshalls who monitor the game. Our vests and guns are also among the safest pieces of laser tag equipment around.

To make your laser tag birthday party special, DP Lazer Maze provides you the opportunity to customize your event according to your budget. We have special birthday packages for all budgets. You can choose from our Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Mega-Deal Packages that include 2 games of laser tag, private party rooms, party invitations, complimentary services and lots more. To find out more about our birthday packages, click here.

This July, we’re offering an amazing deal on booking a Platinum, Gold or Silver Birthday Package. Book during the week and get flat $50 off over the month!

If you’re looking for fun for your laser tag birthday parties, DP Lazer Maze can offer it. Let us know your requirements and our event planner will assist you. Call us today at (905) 856-1637 to speak with our event planner. If you’re organizing a large party, then you’re most welcome to visit our facility in Vaughan during our business hours and let us help you in planning your party. We’ll do our best to shape your event the way you want it to be.

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