Dressing to Win in Laser Tag

Laser tag may be a fun game, but you need to wear the right attire if you want to be competitive. The goal of the game is to hit the sensor vests of your opponents while keeping your own safe.

Standard equipment like the vests and the laser gun are typically provided by the venue. However, there are some ways you can be prepare before a match to be more effective.

  • Always wear darker shades of colour. Lighter hues will make you stand out in the dark and you become an easier target.
  • Dark blue and black are the recommended colours for indoor laser tag, whereas neutral and camouflage hues can go well for outdoor laser sport.
  • If you are planning to win the game, don’t show up with sparkles. It may look great, but you are giving ways to your opponent to spot and attack you without much effort.
  • Comfortable shoes are necessary. Sneakers or boots are a good bet for success.
  • White sneakers or pastel coloured pants will be easy giveaways in the dark.
  • Consider the fit of your clothing. Laser tag is an active game and requires tremendous amounts of movement. Wear something that allows easy hand and leg movement.
  • Dress in layers. Initially the laser arena may be a bit cold. But, as soon as the game starts and there is some activity, it gets hot.
  • Make sure your clothing is lightweight. You are going to sweat a lot.
  • Tie up your hair in a bun or a ponytail. If you’re blonde, wear a hat. Light-coloured hair may make you stick out.
  • Don’t wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts. The vest won’t be comfortable chaffing against your skin while you’re running.
  • Avoid wearing any chains or jewelry. It can be distracting for you and makes you more detectable.

Unlike paintball, you don’t need expensive gear to keep you safe. However, having the right clothing will make your experience much more enjoyable. In fact, the extra comfort may make the difference between a win or a loss!

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