Feb 21

4 Steps to Start a Successful Laser Tag Business

The entertainment business may lead to a highly-profitable career. When we consider activities that involve people from all age groups starting from children to adults who love adventure, a laser tag business might prove to be the appropriate venture […]

Feb 2

Laser Tag Can Benefit You in Many Ways

Laser tag has changed the face of chilling time-out with your friends. The tempo with which it is played is commendable. One of the distinct features of laser tag is that it’s not a one-man game and rather a group game which makes it exciting. Play w […]

Jan 18

Rules and Guidelines for Playing Laser Tag Matches

Laser tag matches are a great way to let loose with your friends after a hectic week. The uniqueness of these matches is that they can be played by any age group, from a child to a senior, everyone can have fun. And, as they are played in groups, it’ […]

Dec 4

The Origin and History of Laser Tag

Today, laser tag is a popular and fun sport that can be enjoyed by all age groups. You may have already played the game or have just heard of it but do you know how laser tag originated and how it developed? In this blog post, we’ll explore the origi […]

Nov 3

6 Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is an interesting game, which is why it’s one of the most popular games among youths. Its growing popularity has attracted people of all age groups worldwide. It has become the preferred choice of venue for organising birthday parties and c […]

Oct 31

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun experience that’s like a mini adventure. The battle-like setup, laser guns, and dark atmosphere add to the thrill of this game. If you haven’t played laser tag yet, then you are seriously missing out. Today’s post is dedicated t […]

Oct 4

The Different Types of Laser Tag Games You Can Play

Laser tag is a game loved by people of all ages alike. Guns which fire infrared beams and infrared sensitive targets are used to make this game feel like a sci-fi adventure movie. Unlike paintball, it offers an exciting, simulated combat experience w […]