Safety First: Find Out Why Laser Tag is Safer for Your Child

Children are always up for fun. Whether it’s a birthday party or an outing, they’re always looking out for fun games and sports. Apart from outdoor theme parks in the summer, laser tag and indoor trampoline parks offer fun all year round. As a parent, celebrating your child’s birthday is very special. You do your best to make your child and his/her friends enjoy to the fullest. Trampoline parks are quite popular venues for throwing birthday parties for children. But before you choose Read more [...]

7 Tricks to Win a Laser Tag Game

Playing a game of Laser Tag can be an intense and fun experience. The only thing better if being the winner. After all, what’s better than coming in first? So, before you head off to your favourite laser maze, brush up your skills with these simple techniques. Keep Shooting This is trick is almost basic, but no less effective. Unless the game has limitations on ammunition, keep hitting your targets. You don’t need to have perfect aim; keep rapid firing in the general direction of Read more [...]

The Evolution of Laser Tag

The history of laser tag can be traced back to 1979, with the launch of the Star Trek Electronic Phaser toy from South Bend Electronics. This little toy then inspired what was to become modern laser tag. In wasn’t until five years later in 1984 that the first game of laser tag was officially played. It’s changed and evolved a great deal since then. What was seen as a game for kids, is now recognized as an engaging activity for all ages. But, laser tag isn’t remaining static. The game continues Read more [...]

Dressing to Win in Laser Tag

Laser tag may be a fun game, but you need to wear the right attire if you want to be competitive. The goal of the game is to hit the sensor vests of your opponents while keeping your own safe. Standard equipment like the vests and the laser gun are typically provided by the venue. However, there are some ways you can be prepare before a match to be more effective. Always wear darker shades of colour. Lighter hues will make you stand out in the dark and you become an easier target. Dark Read more [...]

Laser Tag Vs Paintball – Who Wins the Battle?

Both laser tag and paintball are competitive and enjoyable activities that can be done solo or in a group. Although on the surface both are similar, there are several important ways in which they are different. Pain Vs Comfort Probably the first difference you’ll notice, or rather feel, is that getting hit by a paintball hurts. It hurts a lot! Paintballs can leave you with welts and bruises. This means if you’re hit on the forehead, then you’ll have an embarrassing reminder for days. Read more [...]

Age Isn’t a Barrier When You’re Playing Laser Tag

Laser tag has been around for almost 40 years. In that time, thousands of people have been able to experience the excitement of a close, pulse-pounding match. A question that comes up is, how old should you be to enjoy a match of laser tag. The truth is, if you’re between the ages of 5 to 95, then you too can enjoy can play. After all, there are several reasons why the game is so fun. So, whether you’re a teen, a senior, or an obnoxious cartoon man-child, laser tag is the game for you! The Read more [...]

Laser Tag Safety Rules: For Friendly and Intelligent Gaming

A game of laser tag is a lot of fun. It involves lots of moving around, shooting, scoring, and laughing. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment-to-moment play of a match. To ensure that the fun continues for everyone, there are some rules all players need to abide by. Only by following these rules can all players play in a fun, fair and safe environment. Rules and Regulations in a Game of Laser Tag No contact between any of the players. Inappropriate language for kids should always Read more [...]

9 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Laser Maze Competition

Competitions around a Laser Maze Challenge are a creative way to build brand adherence. Holding this sort of event helps you market your center. It can be a powerful and fun to engage the community online. With our 3 years of experience, we know what makes for a successful competition. Here are nine steps to making your event a success: 1) Pick a good date: Allow plenty of time to create awareness about the event and get the players registered. We recommend advertising the event for at least Read more [...]

Top 6 Game Modes In Laser Tag

There are many game modes when it comes to laser tag, we have outlined some of the available laser tag game modes below: Laser Game Modes           1. Supercharge: In this game, a player has to be supercharged to deactivate the headquarters of the opposing team. To get supercharged, a player will have to tag 5 opponents in a row without getting tagged. Then the player is eligible for a 3-shot rapid burst shooting. He/she will then be able to shoot at the opposing team’s headquarters Read more [...]