Tips to Make the Perfect Laser Tag Briefing

In any laser tag game, the pre-game briefing is critical. It is an essential legal precaution by the operators. This briefing sets the expectations of participants, sets the tone and provides the first impression newbies have of the sport. During a briefing, the players assemble in the briefing room where they are informed of the rules and safety information. However, a poorly executed briefing may result in players not absorbing crucial information which can lead to problems later on. For today’s Read more [...]

Your Laser Tag Fashion Can Help You Win or Make You Lose

The whole point of a game of laser tag is to score a hit on your opponent’s sensors. Doing so is trickier than it seems at first, especially when you’re trying to prevent the opponent from doing the same to you. There are several tactics which can help you achieve your goal, but something to focus on is how you’re dressed. If you’re new to the game then you’ll need every advantage you can get. So, follow the tips below to better your laser tag fashion. Always wear dark colours The Read more [...]

What’s the Best Strategy to Win a Game of Laser Tag?

Playing a game of laser tag is a fun experience. It’s an intense team game that requires a solid strategy to win. Here’s a comprehensive guide to effective strategies that can help you win big in the next game of laser tag you and your team participates in. Spread Out Your Team Before the game starts, spread out your team members so that they can cover a wider area. This will help in getting a better view of the opposing team from different angles and makes it easier to target them. Your Read more [...]

5 Ways Playing Laser Tag Benefits People of All Ages

Laser tag is a high-action and fast paced game. Be it kids or adults, this game can be enjoyed by everyone. But have you ever wondered if a laser tag game has benefits other than just being a fun sport? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how a laser tag game can benefit everyone, regardless of their age group. Improves Communication Skills and Team Work A game of laser tag involves a group of people, playing as individuals or teams. There are several team games available at a laser tag facility, Read more [...]

Celebrating Laser Tag Birthday Parties at DP Lazer Maze

Whether it’s your child’s or your birthday, eventually, you may run out of ideas for hosting an amazing birthday bash. After all, birthdays are always special and you put in a lot of thought to make it memorable. There are several ideas to make your birthday party an exciting event for everyone. Hosting a laser tag birthday party is one such idea for people of all age groups. A Laser Tag Game is Fun! Laser Tag is a game that involves two teams and demands active participation from all Read more [...]

The Future of Laser Tag and Laser Mazes

On April 4th, 2017, DP Lazer Maze featured an article that discussed the evolution of laser tag. The first game of laser tag was played in 1984, and since then the structure of the game has stayed relatively the same. However, according to writer of technology and innovation, Mary-Ann Russon, the future of laser tag could see the integration of AI machine learning, 3D weapons and drones. With continuous technological advancements, there is no denying this new concept could bring an advanced level Read more [...]

Safety First: Find Out Why Laser Tag is Safer for Your Child

Children are always up for fun. Whether it’s a birthday party or an outing, they’re always looking out for fun games and sports. Apart from outdoor theme parks in the summer, laser tag and indoor trampoline parks offer fun all year round. As a parent, celebrating your child’s birthday is very special. You do your best to make your child and his/her friends enjoy to the fullest. Trampoline parks are quite popular venues for throwing birthday parties for children. But before you choose Read more [...]

7 Tricks to Win a Laser Tag Game

Playing a game of Laser Tag can be an intense and fun experience. The only thing better if being the winner. After all, what’s better than coming in first? So, before you head off to your favourite laser maze, brush up your skills with these simple techniques. Keep Shooting This is trick is almost basic, but no less effective. Unless the game has limitations on ammunition, keep hitting your targets. You don’t need to have perfect aim; keep rapid firing in the general direction of Read more [...]

The Evolution of Laser Tag

The history of laser tag can be traced back to 1979, with the launch of the Star Trek Electronic Phaser toy from South Bend Electronics. This little toy then inspired what was to become modern laser tag. In wasn’t until five years later in 1984 that the first game of laser tag was officially played. It’s changed and evolved a great deal since then. What was seen as a game for kids, is now recognized as an engaging activity for all ages. But, laser tag isn’t remaining static. The game continues Read more [...]